Intelligent Access Systems Lives by These Core Values

Mission Statement

We are innovative people dedicated to delivering the best business and security solutions to our clients every day.

These are the values that we live by:


We do not consider excellence perfection. Excellence is not a goal, it is a journey that we proudly embrace. Through our commitment to incremental progress, we continually get better at everything we do, from superior customer service, to innovative solutions, to commitment to our employees.


Our commitment to innovation goes far beyond the regular challenge to solve the technical system difficulties of our customers. We strive to take a more comprehensive approach, to include business processes, systems and unique solutions which enable us to remain at the forefront of the electronic security industry. We agree with Peter Drucker's statement, "Innovation is the change that creates a new dimension of performance".


In a dynamic business like ours, we recognize that there are many stakeholders, such as employees, vendors, and clients, to which we must be accountable. Through commitment to our partnerships, we realize our ability to increase the success of our shared fate.


Trust is the foundation of all prosperous relationships. We believe that the presence of a high level of trust is a performance multiplier, thereby elevating every dimension of our organization. We aspire to be known collectively for our integrity and recognized as a trusted brand in each of the communities we serve.

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